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A legacy of great music is just one way the Danville Concert Association has made life in the Danville area richer over the past half-century.  The area's oldest presenter of fine arts music and the classics is proud of its tradition of musical excellence.

With support from hundreds of volunteers and thousands of members through the decades, the DCA has brought to Danville opera greats like Roberta Peters; orchestra giants like the Atlanta and the Budapest symphonies; popular classics under the baton of the late Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops; the inimitable Canadian Brass and the Empire Brass; piano virtuosi such as Ruth Laredo and Misha Dichter; vocal ensembles like the Gregg Smith Singers, Chanticleer, and the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble; and classical dance by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet to name just a few of more than 200 concerts in rich seasons spanning the last fifty-two years.

Our Team
Since 1953, the Danville Concert Association has delivered season after season of top-of-the line classical music as presented by celebrated groups from all over the world.  We are a non-profit group comprised solely of volunteers.  With your continued generosity we will keep on pleasing audiences for another 50 years.  

We could not do what we do without the support of our ticket holders, contributors, the Virginia Commission for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, DPC Community Foundation, City of Danville and Danville Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Back in 1958-59, Dr. John Simpson, the president of Stratford College, pledged 100% membership for the student body.  He said, "Personally and academically, I feel that it is vital that our students, and all young people, should have the privilege of attending concerts of the caliber which only a group such as the Danville Concert Association can bring to our area."

Today, almost 50 years later, the Concert Association continues to work with the area's schools to bring young people and budding musicians to our performances.  If you have a group of students interested in attending a particular concert, please contact us.

Past Seasons

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with the artists.

DCA Officers
Kathy Hurt - President
Amy Ketchum - Secretary
Charles Adams - Treasurer
Charlotte Litzenberg - 
VP, Arrangements
Richard Stoakley &
Scott Waller - VPs, Development
Jo Silvers - VP, Membership
Gary Grant - VP, Publicity

Board Members

Mira Becher
Jeff Carson
Susan Daniel
Mack Doss
Charles Ellis
Karine Garcia
Jim Harper
Doris Jones
Laura Jones
Norma Martin
Rosalee Maxwell
Kathleen O'Hare
Ann Pflugshaupt
Dorothy Ridenour
Russell Scruggs
Terri Snead
William Trakas
Larry Wilburn
Betty Wilson

Numerous Volunteers

Contact us to volunteer.